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Everything That You Need To Know About Evangelical Christians


Begin by separating and explaining these two words.


What is a Christian?


Christians are the followers of Jesus Christ. This term was given to the followers of Christ in the first century, this can also be read in the bible in the book of Acts 11:26.


What is the meaning of evangelical?


Evangelical is a Greek word that means "good news." Evangelism is sharing the good news. The good news, is salvation which can be received through Jesus Christ.  Evangelical means that it is a person that is really dedicated and serious in sharing the good news about Jesus. If you combine these two words an evangelical Christian is a believer of Jesus Christ that shares the good news.


The Bible encourages everyone to witness and share the good news. You can read and see this in the book of Matthew chapter 28 verses 18-20; 1 Peter chapter 3 verse 15; 1 Corinthians chapter 16:1-4. Jesus is the greatest news. There is no greater calling than the evangelist. For more info about evangelical Christian, visit https://www.britannica.com/topic/Anglican-Evangelical.


Evangelical Christians are really determined in sharing their faith with other people. The main goal of evangelical churches is to help people seek God and receive salvation. Evangelical Christians makes sure that they share the good news and their faith regularly. The world is really powerful and it is not open to evangelism. Our culture, is more focused on the freedom of the people, that they can make their own choices. This is why there are plenty of unbelievers that are very irritated with Christians who share the good news and share their faith. These unbelievers think that Christians are not enlightened, inflexible and too restrictive. Know more about Catholic answers.


One of the most accepted belief is that all of the religions worship the same God in different ways and they tend to remove the point of view of Christians that Jesus is the only way to God. Most evangelical Christians usually does not share their faith to people with established religion beliefs. There are plenty of unbelievers that already heard the gospel but did not receive it. How can they change the point of view of unbelievers? In the opinion of Evangelical Christians is that God may work on the lives of these unbelievers in order for them to believe in God. When this happens they will be the one to seek the good news. This is why there are some Evangelical Christians that does not require to share their faith, since they will be approached by unbelievers who are eager to seek and know God.


I really believe that we Christians must share our faith and the gift that we received from God. I really believe that we Christians must share our faith and the gift that we received from God. Visit evangelicaloutreach.org if you have questions.